trying something new

hi, and welcome to the first post on my brand new blog! i’m relatively new to the world of blogging, but not to writing or journaling so hopefully this isn’t too tricky for me to navigate. i guess a more in-depth introduction is probably necessary because the name of my blog isn’t quite enough. hi! my name is cameo (duh lol), i’m 19, and i realized i have no direction in my life so i decided to start a blog to see if it would help me find some. currently i live right outside portland, oregon as a barista at dutch bros coffee (we call ourselves broistas because the company is called dutch bros… lol get it?). for safety reasons, i won’t say exactly where but if you know me already then you know where i live and it’s whatever. i’m not too worried about it.

the basis of what i want to do on this site is document my life as-is; no frills with ugly crying (probably) included. i’m not trying to make my life seem glamorous or perfect in any way, because that’s not how normal life is. i feel like all i ever see are people my age trying so hard to make their lives seem so much more amazing and exciting than they are because that’s what we see coming from the people we look up to. youtubers, actors, singers, models, reality TV stars, and basically everyone who’s anyone in the entertainment industry has social media nowadays. i’m not saying it’s a bad thing- i actually think it’s really cool to see how celebrities and influencers live. but it actually has taken me a really long time to realize that my life isn’t supposed to look anything like theirs, and honestly i don’t really want it to anymore.

i’m looking at 2019 as a completely clean slate. i’m super excited to try this out because i genuinely think that this will help me stay organized this year. and when i say “organized” i literally mental organization- i have pretty intense ADHD that i’ve never taken medication for, so all of the coping mechanisms i have came from techniques my mom taught me throughout my life because she has ADD as well. she taught me how to compartmentalize information to remember it and it works for the most part, but the past year has just kind of made me feel like i could use a little extra brain support. this is my year to really work on myself and become the better person i’ve wanted to be for so long. i have a few goals that i want to meet and i really hope i can stay motivated enough this year to surpass them, but i’ll talk about them later on.

anyway, welcome to my blog! i think it looks pretty cool! it took me like a week to finally settle on a theme and the colors and i’m actually quite proud of it lol. i’m sure i’ll change the appearance a bunch over the course of time, but i really like where i’m starting. here’s to a new year i guess!


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