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one: new beginnings are always fun
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I remember wondering how I had gotten this interview. I remembered a phone call. It was quick, mysterious. I was at a Starbucks, waiting for an interview with someone who claimed they “worked for someone important.” Honestly, anything would have been better than working where I was. I was a clerk at a corner store that was open 24 hours.Usually, my manager would schedule me graveyard so I could study and go to school during the day, and not be disturbed much. However, my hours had been completely unpredictable for the past couple of months. He also leased the flat out to me above the store, so it was a win. But the shifts were grueling, and never sleeping while studying nonstop for school that I was hardly interested in was terrible. I dropped out of school soon after I realized I was wasting my time. I knew the school I was attending wouldn’t pay for a flight home, but honestly I was okay with staying where I was.

I just wanted a change, and my friend hooked me up with this interview for that reason. I had met her through a class at school and she claimed she knew someone who was more than willing to hire anyone she recommended. I hated asking for that favor, but she was sweet about it.

“Ellie?” I heard a woman’s voice say my name from next to me. My head snapped up and I smiled nervously.

“Hi, yeah!” I reached my hand out for a handshake, bowing my head a little. “Lia, right?”

The woman smiled at me, tossing her long chestnut hair over her shoulder and sitting down across from me. “Yes, it’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” I shifted in my seat, trying to settle the nerves in my stomach. Her eyes looked me up and down, but I didn’t feel any judgement from her. She seemed pleased at what she saw, actually. I felt myself get warm in my rain coat so I shrugged it off.

“So,” Lia began. “Tell me a little bit about yourself.”

I began an in depth, somewhat lengthy rant about how I came to Seoul on scholarship for an exchange program. I was training to become a physician, but it wasn’t my passion. So now I was just working, after deciding to take a gap year after my first year of training.

She nodded in acknowledgment, writing things of a pad facing away from me. I maintained steady eye contact and kept my voice confident.

“How do you feel about traveling for work?” She asked, nonchalantly.

“If I’m honest, it’s a dream of mine. I love going to new places and seeing new things,” I responded sturdily. I was nailing this.

She asked me a few more questions, mostly about where I saw my future going and what I wanted out of life. I told her that as cheesy as it all sounds, I wanted to explore the world and see as much of it as I could, so I knew what I wanted before I started school again.

She asked me about school, and why I felt I needed to take a gap year. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks, feeling slightly embarrassed. “If I’m honest, I was noticing that my mental health was going from okay to really bad, really quickly,” I sighed, looking down at the table. “I’m not willing to sacrifice being happy if it means endless hours of studying and going to school. I want a life, you know? Friends that I can turn to, a job that could maybe lead into a career, or something. I just want more for myself.”

Lia seemed empathetic. She wore a small, understanding smile as I spoke. Her eyes shone recognition, like she had been through everything I had- or something similar. It eased my worries somewhat. I relaxed a little, letting the tension in my shoulders release.

“I can understand why you feel this way,” she nodded. “A lot of young people don’t take the time they need to learn who they are, so it’s good that you recognize that you need to.”

A few more questions later, and the interview was over. As she stood, Lia grinned at me and held out her hand. “Thank you for coming to meet me,” I stood, shaking her hand and smiling. “I’d like to offer you the position right now.”

My heart felt like it might explode. “Really!?” I was in awe. “Yes, I’d love to take it! Thank you so much!”

She handed me a business card, along with a medium-sized manila envelope that was sealed. “You start tomorrow, come to the address on here and use the keycard to get inside on your own. You’ll meet everyone first thing in the morning.”

I grinned. “I can’t wait, thank you again,” I shook her hand one more time.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Ellie,” she smiled, turning to walk out of the Starbucks. I decided to order a coffee before I left, and as I stepped outside I felt a few droplets of rain hit my face. I donned my rain jacket once again and pulled the hood up to avoid getting completely drenched.

I rode the subway home, giddy as ever. As soon as I got home, I opened the envelope. There was a blank, white keycard with only a QR code on the back. It was dangling at the bottom of a plain, black lanyard. Along with it, inside the envelope there was a piece of card stock with directions typed out on it.

We are expecting you at 10 AM, at the address listed on the business card I gave you after our meeting. Dress business-casual, but wear a casual dress or skirt, rather than jeans or slacks.

1: When you arrive, use scanner on door around far right side of building.

2: After entering premises, walk down hallway to second to left turn.

3: Continue down stairs until you reach large fogged-glass doors.

4: Enter glass doors, and follow corridor until the end.

5: Knock, and I will let you into the board room.

Congratulations again, Ellie. If you have any questions, please give me a call at the number on the business card I gave you.

Best, Lia

I checked the business card, and quickly grabbed my laptop to Google the address on the business card. While nothing popped up on my search, when I checked the directions I saw that it was about an hour commute on the subway. I sent the directions to myself through an email and set my alarm, nerves already bubbling up in my stomach.

I settled in for the night, making a quick dinner and getting into bed shortly after eating. I opened my laptop and clicked to YouTube, scooting down so I was laying with all of my layers of pillows and blankets surrounding me. I laid on my side to watch my subscriptions, drifting to sleep at some point.

I awoke to the sound of my phone playing my alarm. Instantly, butterflies flooded my stomach. I sat up quickly, leaping to my desk to turn off my alarm. The time was 7:30 AM. I flipped on my light, quickly grabbing my towel and turning on the shower to heat it up. A quick face-washing and teeth-brushing later, I hopped into the shower. I decided to shave my legs today because I needed the extra confidence boost, and I was planning on wearing a dress.

I got out of the shower within 10 minutes, feeling almost lightheaded because of how jittery I was. I wrapped my towel around myself and went to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I had stocked up on beans from a coffee company I worked for before I left Washington for South Korea a year ago. It was nice to have a piece of home with me here. I decided to make a quick breakfast of an egg with some toast. I sat down and ate breakfast and drank my coffee while letting my hair air dry a little. I even washed my dishes before I went to do my makeup.

I decided on a half-pony updo for my shoulder-length, wavy, peach hair; my fringe bangs straightened but styled cutely. For makeup, I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard- so no winged liner. Settling on a more natural look for my pale skin and blue eyes, my makeup took barely 20 minutes. At this point, it was 8:30 and I needed to get dressed and leave in the next 15 minutes to catch the subway at my local stop.

I rushed and quickly dressed in a cute, jean overall dress that hugged my curves with a rainbow T-shirt underneath. I paired my outfit with a pair of heeled black leather ankle-boots that made me feel professional. Checking the myself out in the mirror for a moment, I took a breath. I was nervous and very excited. I hoped that this opportunity was legitimate, because I really needed a change of pace.

Standing tall, I grabbed my black leather shoulder bag, along with my phone charger, my keys, and my phone. I scanned my bag for my wallet and the manila envelope, seeing they were both in there as I locked and shut the door to my flat. I put my headphones in as I put the address in my phone again. The muggy early July air clung to my skin, and I was thankful I’d worn extra deodorant. I looked up at the sky, worried about potentially needing an umbrella later, but the sky was clear as far as I could see.

The subway traffic actually wasn’t awful, despite it being a Saturday morning. Usually people were out and about at this time. My commute only took 45 minutes, and I arrived at the front of the building at 9:50. My palms were so clammy that I was continuously wiping them on my dress. Shakily, I pulled my earbuds out and shuffled around my bag for the keycard. I made my way to the far right of the building as the directions stated.

My heart was doing flips in my chest as I held the QR code to the scanner on the right of the door. The light flashed green within seconds and the door buzzed before unlocking. I pulled the handle, entering an extremely long hallway lit with bright fluorescents. The linoleum was white and incredible shiny, and the walls were painted a light grey.

Second hall to the left, I repeated mentally. I walked in slowly, my heels echoing down the hall. As I got to the second hall to the left, I noticed aforementioned set of double fogged-glass doors at the bottom of the stairwell. The QR scanner was on the door to the right, buzzing and unlatching as the outside door had done when I scanned my card. I entered a dimly lit corridor that was maybe 15-feet long.

I stopped short, my breath in my throat. I closed my eyes momentarily, gearing myself up for whatever I was about to walk into. I decided to take a deep breath and check the time. 9:55 AM. I was right on time. I slowly walked to the door, trying to be as silent as possible. I heard men laughing as I reached the door, and a sudden wave of fear washed over me.

What if this is a set-up? I thought warily. If anything sketchy happens, I’ll leave immediately and thank them for the opportunity.

I swallowed my fear and knocked shortly, silence settling upon the next few moments like a thick blanket. Before I knew it, the door was opening, and there stood Lia. She was smiling warmly at me, and she stepped back to let me in.

hi there! i really hope you enjoyed the first chapter!! i’m sorry if i’m a little rusty; i haven’t written in a super long time, so i’m trying to get the creative juices flowing with a fanfic:) please feel free to comment and share!! also i apologize in advance if updates come super slow or even not at all (i mean it when i say i’m terrible at keeping up with writing). i’m gonna try my hardest to finish this one- i have a fairly good idea of where i want it to go and it seems promising so here’s to hoping! thanks again!!:))

two: a moody neighbor and some pretty cool dudes

“Everyone, this is Ellie Wallis, our new tour assistant,” Lia spoke strongly as I walked into the board room. Seven young Korean men sat around it, along with one older Korean man at the head of the table.

“Annyeong!” I said cheerfully, bowing slightly to the general audience. “You’ll have to forgive me though,” I cleared my throat nervously. “I don’t speak much Korean.”

A few of the guys chuckled, along with the older man. “That is alright,” he said warmly, gesturing to the table. “Please, sit.”

I smiled, nervously making my way to the long table. I felt all eyes on me as I sat down next to one of the young men with a bucket hat and a black mask. His dark eyes gave me a once over without showing emotion, and hair a similar color to mine stuck out from underneath his hat. He quickly looked away as I sat, and I tried to maintain my composure. I’m sure it was apparent that I was uncomfortable because one of the young men smiled at me politely from across the table.

“Hi,” he said softly, with a wildly American accent. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Namjoon. My stage name is RM, but you can call me whatever you’re more comfortable with.” Dimples enhanced his wide and happy smile, his brown hair swept out of his face.

“It’s really nice to meet you, too,” I said smiling back, somehow managing to conceal my sudden realization. Holy shit this is BTS, I thought to myself. I identified the other six members, making my way around the table, concluding that my moody neighbor was Jungkook, the youngest of the group and one of the lead vocalists and dancers. I was a fan, or at least I listened to and enjoyed their songs when they came on shuffle.

The older man at the head of the table, who I finally realized was Hitman Bang, the owner and lead producer at BigHit Entertainment called our attention to the front. “So, Ellie, you’ll have to sign the non disclosure agreements, along with your working contract and tour agreement,” he passed Lia a folder and a heavy looking pen. She brought it to me and sat down next to me.

She opened the folder and laid out all the papers that needed my signatures. “All of this is just assuring that you won’t repeat to anyone what happens while you work with BigHit,” she explained, gesturing to the first packet. “It’s basically promising to never tell anyone about the things you experience while working with us. It’s important to keep BTS’s private lives exactly that- private.”

Nodding, I picked up the pen that was as heavy as I expected. I signed the first packet three times, and then Lia filed it back into the folder. She brought out the next.

“This is your working agreement,” she pointed to the section that read ‘Payment Fulfillment Options’. “You need to choose what currency you’d like to be paid in, whether it’s American dollars or Won, and give us your routing number to whichever account you’d like. Or, if you’d prefer, while on tour we can give you a weekly allowance in whichever country’s currency we’re located at the time. We would put the rest in a savings account for you to access after the tour, in whichever currency you’d like.”

After a moment of thought, I chose the second option. I wanted to save as much money as I could in this process, and it seemed like a super logical decision. I noted that I would be working overtime frequently, especially on tour, and also that I would be getting paid an American equivalent of $60 per hour. I signed that packet in two places, and again, Lia filed it away with the non disclosure agreement.

“Finally, this is your tour agreement,” she laid this one out in front of me again. “This just states that you’re willing to be traveling along with BTS during their upcoming world tour, and that you’ll abide by all rules stated in this form.”

I scanned the pages.

No dating or romantic relations are tolerated during the tour process, anyone who does not abide by this will be immediately terminated.

The small bolded text stood out on the page. It was the first rule. The next couple were just about privacy again, and promising to be responsible while on tour. Not to do anything stupid or illegal, basically. I wondered why they were so strict on that rule, but didn’t dare ask anyone. I just signed the form once at the very end, and that was it.

“You’ll also now be housed with us,” Lia mentioned. “We accommodate most of our tour people leading up to and right after tour. Sometimes you even get hired on as a full-time assistant after touring and we house you full-time.” She smiled at me knowingly and lowered her voice, “I have a good feeling about you.”

I smiled and felt my cheeks warm with excitement. “Thank you so much,” I responded bashfully at her hushed level.

“Okay, well, it’s time for introductions I suppose,” Hitman called from the head of the table. “Everyone, go around and introduce yourselves.”

They started from his left. The first guy was wearing an oversized pastel yellow T-shirt with the word ‘GOLF’ written across in a font that looked like donuts. His hair was black, styled down and wavy. “Hello, I’m Jung Hoseok, but my stage name is J-Hope. You can call me Hobi if you want,” he smiled politely. His fluency in English was somewhat amazing to me, as the only person in the group known to be fluent in English was RM.

The next had his bleach-blonde hair styled in a mullet, and was wearing a navy blue silky button up with a black velvet suit vest over it. He smiled kindly, in a slightly flirtatious manner. “I’m Kim Taehyung,” he waggled his fingers at me playfully. “My stage name is V and you can call me that or Tae or Taehyung or whatever you want.”

Again, his English was profoundly fluent. Next came the broad-shouldered one who sat high in his seat. His eyes shone with warmth, and he also had bleach-blonde hair but it was just styled in a longer, textured bowl-cut. “I’m Kim Seokjin, and my nickname is Jin but you can call me Jin-hyung,” he asserted. Namjoon, who was seated next to him swatted him on the arm.

“We already talked about not having formalities with her Jin-hyung,” he seemed irritated.

Jin rolled his eyes. “Fine, but only because you’re American and don’t understand.”

My surprise at all of their fluency in English hadn’t dulled for a moment. Namjoon reintroduced himself adding, “You can call me Joon, too, if it’s easier. Sometimes I let my close friends call me that.” He looked up to one of the guys seated closest to Hitman on my side of the table. “Suga, I believe it’s your turn.”

“I’m Min Yoongi, stage name Suga, you can call me Yoongi or Suga,” he called from out of sight, sounding bored. It appeared he was wearing a baseball cap over his black hair from where I was sitting. He raised his hand in a slight wave without looking over.

The man on the other side of Jungkook leaned over and smiled at me sweetly. He had caramel-colored hair, and his eyes seemed to sparkle affectionately. “I’m Park Jimin,” he said gently, sweeping his bangs out of his eyes. “You can call me Jimin, and it’s really nice to meet you.”

Finally, Jungkook looked at me again. I felt my heartbeat pick up. He unhooked his mask from one ear and spoke quietly. “My name’s Jeon Jungkook, Jungkook works for me,” he quickly covered his mouth again with his mask, and looked down. Something about him gave me chills; maybe the way he looked at me when I smiled at him.

Hitman stood, clapping his hands together once. “I’ll have RM give you the tour and take you to one of the flats to show you where you’ll be staying, and after Lia will send you home in a car so you can gather any clothing or things you need. She will meet you at the flat. We can also offer you movers to bring some of your furniture here in the morning if you would like.”

“Oh, sure,” I stammered. “That would be great, actually, thank you.”

“Perfect,” he smiled as we all stood up. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Ellie.”

“Come on, Ellie,” Namjoon said excitedly. “Let me show you your place.”

He gently put his right hand in the middle of my back to guide me out of the board room. “We were all super excited to meet you,” he grinned. “I was, anyway. Usually our tour assistants are older people who can, like, babysit us.” He rolled his eyes comically. “But you’re young, like 20, right?”

I nodded. “I just turned 20 two weeks ago,” I chuckled.

“Wow, so you’re four years younger than me?” Tae’s voice surprised me from my right, causing me to jump slightly.

“I guess, yeah,” I smiled up at him.

“So how long have you been in Korea?” Hobi asked from behind me. “Do you like it here?”

“I’ve only been here a year, but I love it,” I responded cheerfully, craning my neck to look at him. My eyes caught Jungkook’s, who was almost directly behind Hobi, next to Jimin at the back of our little entourage. His eyes darted away quickly, and I felt my face flush. I faced front, following slightly behind Namjoon with Tae still to my right.

The rest of our excursion consisted of Jin and Hobi messing around, and Namjoon asking me a few more questions about how I was feeling about working with them. The hairs on the back of my neck stood, and I felt eyes on me as we wound through the building. Namjoon was listing off what rooms were for, and what doors lead to. He took us to their practice rooms and the recording studios, the dance rooms, and their individual office wing.

“Your office will actually be down our wing as well,” Joon explained. “You’ll only be able to use it while we’re in Korea, so on tour it will probably be converted back to a storage space. Unless you get hired on as a full-time assistant, in which case we’ll just leave it as your office.”

I nodded in acknowledgment, the mention of even the possibility of making BigHit my full-time job causing an uproar of nerves to hit me in the gut. I had signed an 18-month contract. I had a year and a half to decide if I wanted to stay or not; that was only if I did a good enough job for them to want to hire me full-time. I finally felt somewhat at ease, though- this seemed like just what I’d been hoping for. It honestly seemed too good to be true, but I was excited to see where it lead me.

I came back down to Earth as Namjoon pushed open a door that took us into a parking garage. The hot, humid air wrapped around me and I resisted the urge to cringe. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the US, so my body was still not acclimated to the weather in Korea. There were two matte black Model X Teslas parked with the doors open, just waiting for us.

“Okay,” Namjoon spoke to the group. “We’ll have Jungkook driving in one car, and Hobi-hyung driving the other since you guys are the ones who have driven most recently.”

Jin and Yoongi each let out an audible sigh of frustration. “I’m not riding with Jungkook,” Jin shook his head. “Crazy ass driver.”

The majority of the group agreed and six out of eight of the group piled into the first Tesla. Jungkook and I stood there for a moment. I wasn’t sure what to do, but he grabbed a key from one of the valets and stopped to look at me as he reached the car.

“Are you coming?” He asked impatiently. His tone irked me slightly, and I couldn’t help but wonder why.

hey thanks for reading! part three is on its way, slowly but surely! let me know what you think so far:)

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